Trail Boat – Day two

Last night it was a little bit chilly and I don’t think either of us slept particularly well, so much so that I was up at six putting the kettle. It was at this pint that I discovered how much rain we’d had during the previous couple of hours, most of it seemed to be sitting in the corner of our tent, after a clear up and bale out session.. Read More

Trail boat – day one

Today started off with a trip up the loft for me while Shelagh took herself off for a supplies trip to more reasons. My trip up the loft was to extricate the camping kit we had stored there since our trip to Cornwall last year. Fortunately everything was together and ready to go. Just a matter of making sure we didn't forget the gas bottle stored outside. A few phone.. Read More

A wonderful weekend….

of doing almost nothing.   Saturday Some months ago i decided to buy a boat and have spent the last few weeks thinking seriously about what it will be and where i’m going to keep it. Although I’m definitely not an experienced sailor by any stretch of the imagination, i do have the basics somewhere back in the archives of the mind, Having spent time sailing good old “ASC’s” when.. Read More