of doing almost nothing.



Some months ago i decided to buy a boat and have spent the last few weeks thinking seriously about what it will be and where i’m going to keep it.

Although I’m definitely not an experienced sailor by any stretch of the imagination, i do have the basics somewhere back in the archives of the mind, Having spent time sailing good old “ASC’s” when I was a lad.


So, Saturday saw Shelagh and I driving down the A1 to join up with my mate Bruce and his wife Jane, to spend some time with them aboard their 27ft Sabre, “Erbas”. (http://sverbas.blogspot.com). I’ve spent time on Erbas before so this trip was more of an introduction to sailing for Shelagh, unfortunately it didn’t work out like that as the weather was against us. During the planning stage it was decided that Shelagh and I would spend Saturday night in the B & B at The Ferryboat Inn before joining Bru and Jane on Sunday.

Just some of the moorings at Fambridge Yacht Harbour.

I decided that rather than just go to the B&B we’d have a drive down to Burnham-on-Crouch and have a wander round Burnham Yacht Harbour and have a look at some of the brokerage boats there. Instead we went straight to Fambridge and had a brief walk up to the slipway to peer at the state of the river, what i saw confirmed that we were unlikely to be going anywhere by boat that weekend and i was rather glad that Erbas was in the marina and not on her usual swinging mooring, even tied to the pontoon would have been a little uncomfortable. It was soon decided to head over to Burnham for a wander and when ringing Bru to let him know we were in the area, I discovered that he too was currently in BYH. a hasty rearrangement and we drove over to meet him.


Several windswept hours were filled having a look around the brokerage boats in BYH followed by a very welcome coffee in “The Swallowtail”. We left Bru to chat with Lisa so that i could take Shelagh into the chandlery to try on a couple of lifejackets and some foulies. Must admit there’s going to be a problem to find suitable foulies for her, when she finds a suitable size for the body,  the sleeves are about 3Nm to long. When the time comes, that’s going to be an awkward one to sort out as the sleeves are too long and could be dangerous. Having spent a virtual fortune and deciding against the Ergofit lifejackets it was back to Fambridge to book into the B&B and find our room.

As there was a six nations rugby match on I’d arranged to meet Bru in the pub to watch England play Scotland before the girls joined us for dinner. A very pleasant evening we had too, although I was disappointed with England’s performance, even if we did win. Just.


Up and into breakfast at the pre-booked time, then book out load the car with our bags and a wander up to the yacht station to peer at the river again, no change there then. I text Bru to find they were both up and ready to receive boarders so a quick drive round to the marina, followed by a walk down the pontoons to find Erbas. After this nothing much of interest happened, we basically spent the day sat on board Erbas, chatting about anything and everything but particularly about boats and sailing.  The drive home felt rather long and tedious, added to which I’m not sure the sandwich or steak slice on the way home agreed with me, leaving me feeling quite rough and heading for bed at 20:30 hrs.


All in all a disappointing weekend but a really pleasant change. I’d like to publicly thank Bru and Jane for the invitation and company over the weekend.