Today started off with a trip up the loft for me while Shelagh took herself off for a supplies trip to more reasons.

My trip up the loft was to extricate the camping kit we had stored there since our trip to Cornwall last year. Fortunately everything was together and ready to go. Just a matter of making sure we didn't forget the gas bottle stored outside.

A few phone calls to sort out the pre purchase survey on the boat and I was ready to start the intricate task of loading the van, first in had to be the IWA marquee for the stand and all the stock, displays and banners as this isn't required until the morning. Next up, the camping gear and our bags, food supplies, etc.

We left home just after 12 and had a steady untroubled run up the A1, across the M62, M61 and up the M6 to Crooklands show ground. The shared site for the 2015 IWA national Trailboat rally. Shared that is with the 2015 Country Fest.

Naturally, having found our pitch, the minute we started to set up the tent, the heavens opened, resulting in a short spell sat in the van.

It's blowing a hooly on occasions too and having finished setting up and putting the all import kettle on I decided to investigate the weekends weather. I wish I hadn't, it not look good.

So the imminent arrival of Shelagh's parents with caravan in tow prompted another coffee.

Im ready for a nice relaxing lazy weekend while the girls work hard on the stand, yehhhh!