Last night it was a little bit chilly and I don’t think either of us slept particularly well, so much so that I was up at six putting the kettle. It was at this pint that I discovered how much rain we’d had during the previous couple of hours, most of it seemed to be sitting in the corner of our tent, after a clear up and bale out session lasting about an hour I discovered that the camping fridge we have here had been touching the edge of our tent all night, hence the puddle.

Shelagh arose not long after I’d finished the clear up and proceeded to make the second coffee. As usual her timing was so impeccable it led me to believe she’d been laid waiting for me to finish. Bacon and egg butties were consumed after which we pottered for an hour awaiting the arrival of Madeline before starting on the task of constructing the IWA marquee.

Once this was done Shelagh and I took a jolly into Kendal in search of new trainers for me as mine had finally given up the ghost a couple of hours earlier. What an expensive trip that was. I walked away lighter in the pocket but a pair of trainers and a pair of shoes suitable for boating in, while Shelagh gained a waterproof and wind proof coat and leggings. We also managed to find a small heater suitable for warming our somewhat palatial tent. And a couple of double quilts to keep the cold from rising through the air bed, both of which we can move to the boat at a later date.

Dinner was provided tonight by us and we were joined by Shelagh’s parents after which they disappeared off for a walk along the towpath while Shelagh and I washed up.

An early night is in order tonight, tomorrow the show opens to the public, although the small collection of rare breeds sheep are not too far away from us and making a lot of noise as I write.